Reduce the Aging Rate of Your Wood Floor

Wood floors are very famous nowadays. People love to adopt these floors in order to enhance over all look of their home. Right

now, many homes have adopted this new feature. However, still many people are not well aware about its maintenance and cleaning and they are using wrong way in this regard. Remember if you want to keep your wood floor for long lasting period, you should give proper attention and care towards it.

So, in this article I am emphasizing some important tips and directions that will helpful to you if properly followed and implemented. These tips will also enhance the shine and beauty of your floor.

First, to reduce the accumulation of sand, you should do vacuuming or sweeping on regular basis. This is very important to reduce scratches as well. It is very essential to note that wheels of your vacuum are clean so that they cannot affect the finish and shine of your floor. Otherwise, your floor may damage. Always prefer to use a vacuum that has brush head.

Next to it is that if you spilled off something on a wood floor, always try to wash and clean it immediately. It is better to clean it with the help of soft cotton cloth because this can soak the spilled item without producing any harm to the finish. Make sure that the surface gets dried quickly.

Never use water, oils, and soaps containing oils, waxy products, lemon or silicon. These products may simply damage your floor and reduce its life by producing adverse affects.

Moreover, if you are a pet lover, always keep your pet clean with trimmed nails and clean paws. This is just to avoid scratching. Moreover, it is better to place pads or mats under the furniture to reduce the risk of scratches.

Use floor mats near entrances so that dirty shoes can be cleaned at the door or before entering the room. This will help you to keep dust away from flooring. Don’t walk with heels on wooden floors. This may cause scratches.

All the above mentioned tips are just a matter of common sense and there is nothing unique in them. However, these tips are often forgotten by many people. So, if these are carefully followed you can surely protect your wood floor.

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