Six tips for caring your cat

The veterinarian Pancho Cavero gives us some recommendations to conceal and keep our “cute kittens” healthy.

The cat is a pet animal, simple to care for and independent. In this time when time is a concern for all, the kittens have become a great friend, says veterinarian Pancho Cavero. You can read more about cat care on Cat or Cat on Facebook.

The animal specialist gives us six tips to take good care of our cocky felines.

  • Take it to be vaccinated

Remember that cats have to be vaccinated. “Your pet should apply the triple feline and the rabies vaccine, just like any domestic puppy,” says Cavero. And specify that every three months you must take your cat to deworming it.

  • Bathe it regularly

Cats should be bathed from small. Ideally, every 15 days. “Although cats groom themselves to clean themselves, the modern cat does bathe,” says Pancho.

  • Move it away from the windows

The specialist advises for those who live in buildings, that one must be very careful with windows, because cats usually jump over them and kill themselves. “You have to be careful because a lot of cats throw themselves out of the windows, and they open like squirrels to fall well but some of them kill themselves, for those who live in buildings they have to put screens on the windows,” he says.

  • Feed it with balanced food

Cats are very special animals, it is best to give them the brand they like the most, since they often do not eat the food that one chooses for them. “The most practical thing is balanced food”, and in the market there are different brands.

  • If you go for a walk

The veterinarian Pancho Cavero points out that the cat, being a very practical pet, can be left alone at home. If the owner decides to go for a walk, he can leave the cat with food, water and sand: “The cat will leave everything clean and tidy, that’s why it’s an ideal pet”.

  • Denies myths

The cat is not the cause of infertility in women. “A house cat that does not come out, that eats everything clean is impossible to get a disease,” says the specialist and adds that this could only happen with street cats, who are hunters and eat raw meat.


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