Which Bear niff out prey from 16km away?


The polar bears mainly found in the frozen wilds of the Alaska, Canada, Arctic, Russia and also Norway.  The Adult polar bear can measure much more than 2.5m in long and weigh around 680 kg.  Their vast size and also weight create them the biggest living carnivores in the globe.  The fully grown polar bear can be as tall as 9 feet.

Besides, it has small round ears & their tails are short which aids them to preserve heat.  The polar bears are great at swimming, and Ursus Maritimus is their scientific name that means a sea bear. These bears have been well known to swim more than 60 miles at a period. The baby polar bears are known as cubs and weigh 1.3 pounds concerning the weight of the guinea pig.

People Often compare Polar bear vs Grizzly bear, Polar Bear can easily beat Grizzly bear head to head in icy conditions whereas in warm conditions, It is Grizzly Bear who can easily take over on Polar Bear.

The female polar bears which are pregnant will dig a snow den prior giving birth to the cub. In fact, they come out from the shelter after three months and commonly give birth for the month of November or else December and have 1,2 or 3 cubs.  To construct a snow den, they begin to dig a slight cave, and they then wait for the snow to fall as well as block the entrance.

At the time of winter seasons, polar bears will sleep in the shallow dens which they have dug in the snow. Besides, the snow in their den will pile on a pinnacle of them and also offer warmth simply like a blanket. In fact, they can also sleep throughout winds & storms as well as sometimes they will remain curled up in their den for many days until the weather obtain superior.

Have Capacity To Find Out Prey From 16 Km Far

 In fact, it has an admiring sense of smell where they can make use to track their most loved foods seals.    It has an excellent sense of smell is exquisite, and they can sniff out their prey from up to 16 km away. The polar bears have a pinnacle speed of 45 Km/h which means they could fight Usain Bolt in a sprint.

 In the year, the US government declared polar bears an endangered species as well as banned entire American hunter for returning from the Canada along with their trophies. With the aids of their sense of smell, they used to easily track seals and some other foods which are far away from about 16km.

Lifespan of polar bear

The wild polar bear lifespan is up to 30 years, and polar bears sleep for about 7 to 8 hours simply like human beings.   The bear has built-in socks, and bottoms of their paws are covered along with fur to maintain them warm as well as to aid grip regions while it is slippery.  It frequently obtains hot as well as will roll in the ice snow to cool off it.  The polar bear skin is black, and this black skin soaks up to the sun heat and aids them to stay warm. It has 42 teeth, and their cheek teeth are sharp therefore they can obtain chunks of meat. Their canine teeth are sharper and longer that aids along with catching prey quickly.