Personalized Dog Collars by Mimi Green

Pets are one of the best things that happened to humans, but dogs occupy a special place in our lives. These faithful friends will never let us down, so we have to give them everything they deserve.



To make your dog even more unique and one of a kind, Mimi Green, a renowned pet store, provides personalized dog collars. Every designer dog collar by Mimi Green can be personalized, no matter what material or pattern you choose.



Every designer collar is unique and cute, but adding a personal touch will make it look even better.



You can personalize your dog’s collar by engraving a buckle. To make your dog’s collar unique, you can add name and address, or even a phone number in case your dog gets lost. To make sure that your dog collar lasts long, Mimi Green provides you with the best engraving technique.



If you want a personalized collar for your dog, and you can also decide on nameplate engravings. Nameplates on personalized dog collars by Mimi Green are attached, so jingling will never annoy you in the middle of the night. Like a buckle, the nameplate can contain a name, address, and microchip number.



Another possibility of getting a unique design of your dog’s collar is choosing a hand-crafted design. Every handmade embroidered dog collar by Mimi Green is done with love and patience.



Like with designer collars, you can choose different sizes, both for small and large dogs. If your dog needs a different size, dog collars by Mimi Green can be created in custom sizes.



You can make your dog happy no matter where you are because shipping around the world is possible! Moreover, these personalized dog collars can help you find your dog much more easily in case it gets lost.

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