Foods Not to Give Your Dog Eat These

You love foods, you make different recipes too. You know few foods are food to eat but you should not eat, because due to bad for health, poisonous, or can lead you to death.

Same case is with dogs, some foods are not to give them as they can become a result of some serious issues related to health.

Below are some foods that you should never feed your dog in any case. Hope you will enjoy reading this article.

1. Candies

No matter if candies are sweetened with sugar or artificial sweeteners they are always dangerous to dogs if they contain sugar they are bad for the dog’s teeth and might cause obesity while artificial sweetener REITs often contain xylitol which I already talked about number  therefore candies and any shape size or color should never be given to your dog.

2. Bones

As surprising as it might seem dogs should not get bones annually thousands of dogs end up in the emergency care center of vet hospitals because of bones in fact dogs are omnivores not carnivores meaning their bodies are not adapted for bone eating of course dogs love bones but they cannot consume them safely since the bones can splinter or get lodged in the dog’s throat or intestinal tract eventually leading to serious injuries and even death.

3. Peaches

The problem with peaches and other similar fruits such as plums or apricots is the pits that can cause painful intestinal obstruction moreover these fruits also contain cyanide which is poisonous to both humans and dogs eating the flesh of the page should not cause any damage to the dog but make sure he does not eat too much of it to avoid flatulence.

4. Marijuana edibles

The problem with marijuana edibles is that animals do not react to the THC in cannabis the same way humans do without treatment they can go into coma and even die in dogs these edibles may be even more lethal if they also contain chocolate raisins or other things I already talked about.

It is really risky, if your dog such thing, don’t wait and call your vet and ask him if you can make dog throw up or not and do what he says.

5. Raw eggs

Raw eggs are rich in vitamins and nutrients but there are two problems with giving them to your dog first there is always the possibility of food poisoning from bacteria like Salmonella or e-coli second some enzymes and raw eggs might interfere with the absorption of a particular B vitamin this can cause skin problems as well as problems with your dog’s coat if he or she has been eating them for a long time.

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